Setting up SQLite on Windows 10

Let’s start with downloading SQLite, an end program RDBMS (it’s not client-server database), on Windows 10.

  • Downloading SQLite 3 on Windows 10

Access and under ‘Precompiled Binaries for Windows‘, download the Once downloaded and unzip the folder and rename it to sqlite3. Next, add the Path variable as the C:\sqlite3 or wherever the folder lives.

  • Test SQLite 3 in your local machine

Open command prompt, type sqlite3 and hit enter to see the version number and open sqlite3. Type .quit to exit the database.

sqlite version

  • Creating database and tables in application folder

In the command prompt, navigate to the application folder where you want to create database. Then run sqlite3 {dbname}.db where {dbname} is the name of the database. To view all the databases run .databases

To create a table the command is create table students (id INTEGER primary key);

To view all the created tables the command is .tables

To view all the schemas created the command is .schema


The created database test.db with the students table can also be seen in File Explorer.

testdb in explorer

You can also use a DB Browser for SQLite

DB Browser for SQLite

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