Why Python for Machine Learning?

This is a very common question for many aspiring developers who wants to re-skill themselves with the current trending technologies and in current scenario what better than Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence. And this question comes first why Python is so heavily used in ML modules like scikit or Google’s ML kit. All trending ML modules are built on python or use python programming language for data training or algorithms. So what is the big reason to use Python when there are bunch of stable programming languages are available today?

Lets dig down a bit and understand the aim of AI, it is to train a machine with help of human processed data in order to enable the machine to make a right decision in certain situations and perform a task without human intervention. So the focus is more towards training the machine and finding out the right algorithm for training not the tool.

Researchers needed the least syntactical language that has minimal learning curve and easy implementation. That is not the case with Java or C# since these are procedural languages and needs a lot of boiler plate work before executing a rich program.

Also a big plus is Python provides a lot of inbuilt libraries for data mining and analysis. Python is easy to code and execute and its intuitive syntax, basic control flow, and data structures makes it a winner for selection.

These are some of my thoughts and little bit of research work, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong or if you want to share anything please feel free to add your comments.


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